Artist statement & CV

Arjan Post Artist statement & CV

“I’ m fascinated by the appearance of the physical urban landscape. The Netherlands as a highly urbanized and controlled environment has become a human design influencing me since I can remember. As the scale and shape of urban spaces are too big for humans to create a direct overview, it has to be constructed in your head by combining perceptions. This virtual representation of a space can take many forms and is highly personal.

One form of a virtual representation of a space for me is to see the city is a construction of surfaces. The only thing extracted from the city would be textures and colours in a specific shape. The surfaces of the city are also the limits of our sight. The shape of the city creates the limits of what we can perceive, and therefore becomes our vail of perception. It is the negative space of the city that shapes the borders of perception. I feel somehow trapped inside the outside and I desperately want to find out what it is like beyond the outside.

My practice is based on the analysis of forms of representation of space. I construct narratives around virtual spaces. I try to elaborate on how they were conceived and what they look like. For me the work is not this narrative, but how the narrative is transferred to others. With photographs, sculptures  and reading I try to create consciousness of a specific virtual space in the head of the audience.


2017-present Gerrit Rietveld academy

2013-2016 Photo academy Amsterdam (with honours)


2019 ‘Tipping Point’ (Cooperation with Unseen) Circle Gallery, Amsterdam, NL (18/9-22/9)

2019 ‘Photography Redefined’ Tobacco Theater, Amsterdam, NL

2019 ‘WHAT THE PHOTO’ Willem Twee Kunstruimte, Den Bosch, NL

2019 ‘Iets met ruimte’ Galerie Pictura, Groningen, NL

2019 ‘Vast Zand’ (Cooperation with Art Rotterdam), Rotterdam, NL

2018 ‘… Iets met ruimte’, Kunsthal 45, Den Helder, NL

2018 ‘Point of No Return’, Stationsplein, Utrecht, NL

2018 ‘Territory’, Zerp Galerie, Rotterdam, NL

2018 ‘Contextualism’ Plan B, Amsterdam, NL

2018 ‘Vast Zand Gaat Los’, (In context of Art Rotterdam), Rotterdam, NL

2018 ‘Salon d’Hiver’, Zerp Galerie, Rotterdam, NL

2017 ‘Rebirth’, De Vasim, Nijmegen, NL

2017 ‘Out of Focus’, Zerp Galerie, Rotterdam, NL

2017 The Amsterdam Picture Room, Amsterdam, NL

2017 Unite Utrecht, NL

2017 Watdajel Art Festival Utrecht, NL

2016 ‘Unframed’ Photo academy graduating exhibition, Roest Amsterdam, NL

2016 Unite Utrecht, NL

2015 Watdajel Art Festival Utrecht, NL

2015 Exhibition ‘Het Oog’, Amsterdam, NL

2014 Freshman exhibition Photo academy, Amsterdam, NL