In previous projects I used a camera to visually describe spatial realities. Combined with mathematics I tried to cover reality with a simplified and traceable layer of maths. When filling this layer with visual data it constructed the images. For the works to be understood as I wanted them to be I had to explain certain technical parts of the project. But over a period of 2 years I have been trying turn this system of image generation into something you can experience.

This is a site specific work because of the material that is used. I would consider the room in which ‘Asymptote’ is situated as what the work is about. Therefore the artwork is not the material it is made of, but the defamiliarization of the room it occupies. For every new room a new ‘Asymptote’ has to be made.


Definition of asymptote in English:
A straight line that continually approaches a given curve but does not meet it at any finite distance.