This project follows my earlier project entitled ‘perspective corrections’. The method used for the images from that project rely on the shape of the photographed objects. For me this is a way of making my surroundings comprehensible, to simplify it to a representation according to the system of coordinates that is at the root of the design of the Dutch urban environment For this project I went on to research what happens if I make this unachievable. What happens if this hold to the physical surroundings are removed or are made unachievable?

Arjan Post | Slit-scans | Lek V ©

Because my method of working is so closely connected to location I decided to travel to an environment that is not invented, but rather emerged. A place where there is no logic behind shape, merely clarification. Scotland, through its grand nature and empty landscapes, turned out to be the ultimate location. The technique previously used to simplify the representation of the environment now made it more complex.

During this project I found the shift from the physical subject to the
physical standpoint. The place from which the photograph is taken
is the new subject, but now that the location does not provide a
physical or visual grip none of my senses can provide me with an
explication of my standpoint.